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It’s amazing how a quick procedure can subtract years off someones appearance. -Dr Haas

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Dr. Brian Haas has performed over 10,000 eye cataract surgeries in OrlandoDr. Haas is an expert oculoplastic surgeon having taught and performed thousands of surgeries in the past 25 years. He is board certified and is a clinical associate professor at UCF School of Medicine. His approach to surgery is unique. He customizes every procedure to suit the needs and desires of his patients without compromising safety or function. His surgical assistant often jokes about his surgical versatility by saying; “I’ve never seen you perform the same surgery the same way twice.”

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Great Experience

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It was a great experience. Very little swelling or bruising. I healed nicely. At 3 weeks everyone said I looked great! I am pleased with the results.

Best thing I have done!

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For at least 5 years I needed the eyelid lift surgery and kept putting it off. Dr. Haas said that I should consider getting it done, and finally agreed. I was so surprised how well it looked and how easy it was. Best thing I have done for myself!

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  • Subtract years off your appearance
  • An understanding and experienced Doctor
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