Orlando Botox® / Xeomin® Treatment

The wonder of life is great, and it’s reflected in us. Every smile, every laugh, every tear, sigh or surprise is written on our face. Each reaction uses many of our facial muscles, and over time, the strain of all that activity, all that life, can take its toll. Lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles betray our experience, and our age. Botox or Xeomin treatments can reverse those effects of aging. Just look at the examples below:

Treatment Of:

Crows Feet

Botox crows feet before


Btox crows feet after

After 7 days



After 7 Days

Glabella (11’s)


After 7 Days

How we can help:

Botox / Xeomin can restore the youthful glow that we lost somewhere along the way. It’s a simple, minimally invasive procedure that can do wonders for our appearance, our confidence, ourselves.

Orlando Juvederm / Radiesse Facial Fillers

And where Botox relaxes the facial muscles, Juvéderm / Radiesse can be used to replace the volume lost to wrinkles and aging. They can be used separately or in conjunction with Botox, depending on your specific needs. Typically fillers are used in the lower face and lips to provide a full and structured appearance to the face, while Botox is used in the upper face to smooth wrinkles.