Boutique Eye Orlando Eye Exam and General Eye Care

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Boutique Eye Orlando is first and foremost a center that provides comprehensive high quality eye care. Dr Haas prides himself on the range of services provided to patients at Boutique Eye Orlando. We provide the following for general eye care for patients in Orlando:Eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

The best way to preserve your vision is to have regular eye examinations. Most of the time, patients don’t even know that they might have a vision problem, until they get a eye checkup. Most insurance plans cover a yearly exams so don’t fail to be checked regularly.

Treatment of Eye Diseases

Dr. Brian Haas screens and treats many types of different eye diseases. Many eye diseases do not have any symptoms but can cause serious problems if not detected early. Listed below are just a few (but not all!) of the eye problems and diseases that we screen for and treat.