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  • Lovely place. Great staff.

    Aracelis C.

    Friendly and caring staff, consultative approach with effective communication to understand overall health condition to target specific eye care needs. I never felt rushed from one room to the other as I've experienced in... read more

    Abel O.

    My regular opthamolgist referred me to Dr Haas after noticing a suspicious area on my eyelid. Dr Haas's office called me and got me in shortly after the referral. Dr Haas moved quickly to... read more

    Sandra M.

    Thank you Dr. Haas, he was very thorough in explaining my options and outcome of surgery. He and his staff are very friendly

    J R.

    Outstanding customer service

    Kathy W.

    Staff very pleasant and helpful. The Doc is my kind of people.

    Ruth M.

    Dr. Haas did a great job fixing my tear duct. He fixed what another doctor had not. He is kind and caring and listens to your concerns.

    Nancy H.

    Dr Haas and Staff have been really really Great. I'm very Thankful !!!

    Kay E.
  • Staff and physician were friendly and listened to what I had to say. All my questions were answered and treatments were explained carefully.

    Susan M.

    I have been a patient for a number of years and always have received great care.

    Lidia G.

    Beautiful place, Dr Haas is very knowledgeable and was helpful with my condition.staff is very proffesional and willingness to assist always!!

    Miguel A.

    Had a semi-urgent need for a visit and Dr. Haas and his reception staff were kind enough to find me an appointment the day of and treated me. I thought I had a certain ailment,... read more

    Andre G.

    Dr. Haas and his Team are real pros, with expert care and informative, friendly treatment.

    Steve K.

    Great doctor and with great staffs

    Gar L.

    Dr. Haas and his staff were great. They genuinely care about their patients. Also, it is a beautiful facility inside and outside!

    5 star rating

    My experience as a patient at Boutique Eye Orlando was great! Dr. Haas and his staff were very thorough with the examination.

    Thanks, guys!

    Tyana V.
  • I tell you this’s doctor and his team are amazing !!!!! Dr.Haass gave me superman eyes I had gone for years not being able to see!!!Dr Haass went to work he removed my very... read more

    Loretta G.

    I had an appointment for an eye exam at this office. From the moment I walked into the front door the staff was courteous and attentive. When I got to the exam room... read more

    Mr P.

    Referred to Dr Haas by another Dr., I had an excellent exp. with all. Starting at sign in, to the assistants who took all my information and did testing. She was very informative and knowledgeable.... read more

    Jane D.

    Best care hands down!!! Office staff is fabulous!!!


    Dr. Haas is the best of the best. The only surgeon I would let touch my eyes . I just had cateract surgery and the Symphony lens implanted. The result is unbelievable. Also,... read more

    Waneta F.

    Reception by the staff was wonderful; as was the interest,care and treatment by Dr. Haas and his assistants; however, I became very irritated to learn that the overall costs of the incidentals required in conjunction... read more

    Eugene n.

    Excellent doctor and staff. The office isn't your typical doctor's office either, very classy and elegant. I was impressed with everything at my visit, from start to finish. The doctor was very informative and direct.


    Highly impressed with the entire facility. The staff was thorough, prompt, and punctual. The doctor was nice and thoroughly explained her treatment. Would highly recommend.

    Patricia M.
  • I went in a couple of weeks ago, after years of not getting done eye and vision exam. I went into Dr. Haas office and I was a little skeptical since the office reviews aren't... read more

    Shil S.
    5 star rating

    Dr. Haas is no doubt the best doctor I've had look at my eye issues. We came up with a solid plan and I am in the process of executing it. I can't thank him... read more

    Anthony P.
    5 star rating

    I was recommended to Dr. Haas by my husband who has been his patient for several years. I finally took the leap and made an appointment to see him for a routine eye exam. During... read more

    K G.
    5 star rating

    I've been treated by Dr Haas over the past two years, first for a dry eye condition, and most recently for cataracts.  The results have been fantastic.  I never realized the problems caused in my... read more

    Tony P.
    5 star rating

    Dr. Haas did an exceptional job removing a lesion from my eyelid. He and his staff were very professional, efficient and best of all, the outcome was perfect and my eyelid is back to normal!

    Frank S.

    Didn't listen to my concerns, rushed through appointment. Didn't ask questions. Seems irritated if you show a little anxiety during procedures?. Ignored my request to remove an under eye mole during a procedure and... read more


    Excellent Eye surgeon but bedside manner a bit stern. I'd recommend him due to the fact that he's good at what he does. If you're looking for a doctor to figuratively hold your... read more

    Healthgrades U.

    Dr. Haas did a great job removing the cyst from my eye. Everyone was very friendly and professional. I have no scar at all after the surgery.

    Sharon W.
  • 5 star rating

    Working with Dr Haas for the last ten years or so , We have been very fortunate to find such a skilled and caring surgeon , He has a great bedside manner in the surgery... read more

    Dale R.

    Cancer surgery restructure I had cancer surgery on my right lower eyelid and Dr. Haas did corrective surgery to patch this wound. He did an excellent job and the results were very cosmetically pleasing and my wound is... read more


    What can I say….I cannot say enough about Dr. Brian Haas and his staff. When you walk through those doors at Boutique Eye Orlando, you enter the world of kindness, unselfishness, thoughtfulness and good-natured people.... read more

    Gary P.

    I am so pleased with the service and care my family receives at Boutique Eye. Everyone on the staff is extremely friendly and the feeling in the office is very family-oriented. It's not... read more

    Colleen M.

    I have been going to Dr. Haas for 10 years. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a type of Skin Cancer on my eye lid. No one in the area would touch... read more

    Candace E.

    For my entire life, I have been totally dependent on my right eye. So when I developed a cataract in that eye, I was naturally concerned. The other problem in the right eye was astigmatism,... read more


    I am very please with the cataracts surgery that I received in March. I would definitely recommend Dr. Haas to anyone seeking cataract surgery. He is very thorough and comforting.


    I was so happy my Family Doctor sent me here he was very good when it came to him knowing what was wrong with my eyes he fixed them and I feel blessed I found... read more

  • You are in Great Hands! I can't say enough about both Dr B and Dr A . They were totally honest in what I needed and did not need, The staff and my care was amazing. I loved my... read more


    Dr. Haas has been our family eye doctor for a long time. We came to him for two reasons. He was my husband's parents and his sisters family eye doctor, but also my dermatologist wanted... read more


    After living most of my life in glasses and being told I would have to live my whole life with glasses, and could not even wear contacts, Dr. Haas has given me a better life... read more


    I love Dr. Haas! Fantastic doctor. He is very caring.


    I cannot say enough about Dr. Brian Haas and his staff. When you walk through those doors at Boutique Eye Orlando, you enter the world of kindness, unselfishness, thoughtfulness and good-natured people. These folks are... read more


    Dr. Haas has been my eye doctor for about ten years now. I have always felt that he has my best interests in mind. I never feel that he has to hurry with me... read more

    Al F.

    ptosis repair I was very pleased with the right eye ptosis repair and left eye blepharoplasty that I had to correct a droopy eyelid after I suffered Bells palsy with facial paralysis. He fixed the droopy eye... read more


    Great office and staff. My eyelid surgery came out great and I look years younger! Wait times can be long but it's well worth the wait. I'd highly recommend.

  • 3 star rating

    Dr Haas and the staff are friendly, but unless you live nearby, I'd keep looking for another office.  The hours are quite limited (not open on the weekend at all), and their prices are very... read more

    Ho L.

    Dr. Haas and his staff saw me immediately after being referred to them by my dermatologist with a suspicious lower eyelid growth. A biopsy by Dr. Haas found this growth to be a basal cell... read more

    5 star rating

    Tana and Dr. Lightly at this office are great! Tana always helps us maximize our insurance benefit. They also do all the insurance filing, which is a huge benefit!

    Kate H.

    I am very happy with the results of my lower Blephoplasty. I had a lot of pain in my left eye before surgery and now I have none. The results look amazing. If I had... read more


    Dr. Brian Haas is very experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone and have done.


    I finally had enough of not being able to see. I wasn’t able to read a menu, street sign or ingredients on food labels. The car lights at night were blinding globes preventing my driving... read more


    Dr. Haas is an expert doctor. I had a complicated eye procedure that ended with an outstanding result. I would like to thank Dr. Haas.


    Dr. Haas is Dr. Wonderful in my eyes. :) I can see without glasses for the first time in 30 years. I can even see the computer without any glasses. Thanks Dr. Haas!

  • My brother recommended doctor HAAS to me. I went to him to have Cataracts removed, and he did a wonderful job. I was in and out of surgery extremely fast, and had no complications. He... read more


    "H" is for . . . Houdini? no, Haas. An MD magician for eyes. As soon as he walks in the fear of a "is this a good Dr" is gone. He is the pro... read more


    Dr. Haas performed cataract surgery on both eyes and I was very pleased with the results. I immediately had 20/20 vision in both eyes. He also performed an "eyebrow lift" prior to lifting the eyelid... read more


    I have been going to Dr. Haas for 3 years now and he has always been very professional. Additionally, his staff went above and beyond to help me deal with an insurance issue the first... read more


    WONDERFUL DOCTOR! Dr.Haas is very professional & extremely skilled. I would recommend him to anyone- He is the best of the best!


    Dr. Haas was great! I went to him for a dry eye problem- he prescribed me some drops to try and they have been working wonderfully. I was seen in a timely manner and the... read more

    4 star rating

    Dr. Haas is talented and friendly.  He performed a minor procedure on both of my eyes.  You cannot tell I had ANY problems by looking at me now. They healed wonderfully.  The procedure was uncomfortable,... read more

    Frances F.

    Excellent doctor. Fixed an obstructed tear duct problem I had dealt with for years.

  • I had my droopy eyelids fixed, and Dr. Haas also lifted below the eye as well. He is an EXCELLENT surgeon. He was also very pleasant, although that was not that important to me for... read more


    Dr. Haas performed my upper and lower lids a few years ago, very happy with the results. He does, however, try to push the Botox for crows feet, when I refused, he lowered the price... read more

    RateMDs R.

    ON 1/26/2010 I suffered from a severe fractured orbit.I had MRI/Catscans done at a hospital.I took them to 3 doctors who informed my that it was too close to my optic nerve,and they could not... read more


    Due to my droopy upper lids causing my peripheral vision to be diminished. So my medical insurance paid for it. The surgery was a enormous success. I can see more, and notice more light comes... read more


    I had elective surgery for my eyes from Dr. Haas. Two of my friends had used him and loved their results and HIM. If you are considering an eyelift, he is the person to to... read more


    Dr. Haas was recommended to my husband for surgery on his lower eyelid to remove a cancerous lesion. We were thrilled with the results! A few years later my husband passed away and Dr. Haas... read more


    Was referred to him for possible melanoma on eyelid. I was ontime. Waited 2 hours for him in an exam room. When he finally arrived, he told me to make another appointment and come back.... read more


    Excellent doctor! I highly recommend him. I had to have surgery around my eye lids to remove cancer and he was very good to make sure I understood the surgery and recovery process. His work... read more

  • Dr. Haas on three separate occasions was exceedingly helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable. The results he provided were outstanding, a true testament to his talent, concern for the patient, extensive experience and well-honed skill. I wouldn't... read more


    Excellent I went to see Dr. Haas for an intraocular lens implant to correct my vision. I was thrilled with the results. I don't remember ever seeing this well. He is kind and patient, and answered... read more


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