Orlando Ptosis Repair

Ptosis (Droopy eyelid) sufferers are affected on two fronts: first, droopy eyelids cause sufferers to look tired and fatigued. Second, the field of vision is restricted. Often, other facial muscles in the forehead and brow work extra hard to keep the eyelid up. That can cause headaches and very tired muscles in the evening.

What causes Ptosis?

In most cases, ptosis results from age-related stretching of the eyelid muscles, but it can also be caused by long-term contact lens use. To reverse the effects, Dr. Haas performs a simple procedure that eliminates the fatigued look, allowing you to see the world more alertly.

How do we fix it?

The procedure is usually straightforward. We perform surgery to tighten the stretched muscle tendons through an incision in your eyelid crease so there will be no visible scarring or pain. Recovery is fast, usually less than 1 week.


Ptosis repair is still as much an art as a science. Adjustments may be necessary, but only in rare cases (about 5 percent of all patients), and are usually performed within two weeks of the initial procedure.

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