New Blephex Procedure in Orlando with Dr. Brian Haas


Do your eyes get dry, irritated, red, itchy, crusty, or “glued together” in the mornings? If so, you may have a condition called Blepharitis. Blepharitis is an eye disease that causes inflammation, redness, and swelling. In our eyelids, we have oil glands. The oils they produce are the top layer of your tear film. If there is no oil lipid layer, then your tears will evaporate too fast causing dry eye and irritation. The oils can also clog up and harden causing the swelling and even styes or chalazions (bumps on the lids). In the later stages, Blepharitis can cause a crusty biofilm that can be hard to remove. Demodex are mites that can move into your lash area and feed off the biofilm. This causes a lot of itching and irritation.

Blepharitis is usually treatable without prescription medications. Dr. Brian D. Haas has put together an eye kit (which he uses for his own dry eye) that includes a great hygiene regimen including warm compresses, lid scrubs, and a new artificial tear that actually works to improve your oil function.

Boutique Eye Orlando also uses a new Blephex deep cleaning treatment that we have had amazing feedback on from patients. It works by gently deep cleaning the area with a special cleaner. Not only does it clean the lids by removing the dandruff and scurf, but it helps to unclog the oil glands and get them working again reducing the chronic inflammation and irritation.  The procedure does not hurt, only takes about 5 minutes, and most patients notice an immediate improvement in how their eyes feel. When using our eye kit to maintain eyelid hygiene, the treatments generally offer relief for at least 6 months. If you think you may need this treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Haas by calling 407-841-1490.

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  1. Thought my eyes were just tired from working on the computer all day and were itchy. Dr. Haas’ exam revealed I had moderate to severe Blapharitis. Had the Blephex today. Took about five minutes. Within a couple hours, my eyes felt much better. No more itchy eyes when I blink! Big difference! Money very well spent!!

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