Dr. Brian Haas Interviewed Regarding His Medical Legacy and Care for His Eye Patients


Ronnie Wilson:

So let’s say these people – you’ve just alluded to the fact that people are going to search and, ideally, find you on the web – so whether a person searched Orlando Eye Doctor, Orlando Ophthalmologist, Orlando Premium Cataract Surgery or Advanced Cataract Surgery, Orlando Botox Fillers, or Orlando Botox Injections, whatever it may be … these people have found you and let’s look now; let’s move forward in history. So we’ll look into the future.

Let’s pretend that this is the day you’re retiring, however many years out there from now. If you were to look back and think in terms of the legacy, let’s say, of all these people who – whether they found you on the internet, they searched by such and such a word or phrase, or another doctor referred them, or a friend or family member referred them – however they came into your practice and under your care: when you think about your legacy, what are the characteristics or attributes that you hope will come to their minds as they think about Dr. Brian Haas.

Dr. Haas:

That’s a great question.  Right off the top, what comes to my mind, is excellent results.  I mean I can never put that below first because, for me, it is the most important thing – excellence and excellent results.

I want my legacy to be people who have had excellent results if they have had surgery.  That will never be number two because, if you don’t have excellent results – in my mind – the rest doesn’t matter as much.  I think excellent service and care – and I want them to have felt that they were cared for well, cared for personally, cared for carefully, by me and my staff.  And as you know – and you’ve interviewed my staff and you talked to a [pharmaceutical] rep earlier today who, without my prompting, said that we have the best staff of any office he works at, that he goes to; and he comes here every week. Frankly I was shocked to hear him say that – not because I don’t believe it – but because you just don’t hear people say that very often.

We have a phenomenal staff and a staff that that extends my dedication to results. They know that, at the end of the day, the patient needs to be taken care of and excellence is very important; but caring is very important – but I’m not going to say caring is more important than results. For me my legacy is going to be excellence and the second legacy is going to be careful care – good care, personal care, where patients have felt that people cared about them – whether it’s me or my staff … that they felt they were personally cared for.

But I want them to also leave here with an excellent result. And so I’m very results-oriented; I’m constantly searching for new and better technologies and I’m not experimenting on people. I’m watching, watching, watching – checking out what happens with other people and, only when I feel like it’s really the best thing, am I going to introduce it into my practice. But when I do, we’re going to be getting good results or I’m not going to rest till we do. So for me, it’s going to be excellence first and second is dedicated patient care.

Ronnie Wilson:

The evidence is pretty strong that you’re accomplishing that.

Ronnie Wilson, founder of People I Love, penned the following:

The second segment of video interview Boutique Eye Orlando elected to insert into its web site is a compelling three minutes and twenty-five seconds. In this video snippet, I posed a basic question to one of the world’s leading eye surgeons: I asked him what he would wish his legacy to be.

Watching the video is worthy because Dr. Haas offers a clear first-place emphasis that reflects his character and propensity as he helps people not merely from Orlando and from Orange County in Florida, but also from all over Florida – and from many states and countries well past Florida’s and America’s borders.

Dr. Haas additionally conveys a close second-place item that, coupled with his first mention, propels patients’ desires to have Dr. Haas, known as the “Orlando Eye Doctor”, to be THEIR doctor! I hope many people will watch and enjoy – and continue to check back to see subsequent video posts emerge – videos that will touch topics like Botox fillers and Botox injectables along with elite cataract care and basic eye care. His decades of practical experience and wisdom will afford viewers immense insight and rich, authentic help.


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