Orlando Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is an incredibly popular procedure. In fact, it’s the most common procedure performed in South Korea. About 50 percent of the Asian population is born without a natural crease in their eyelid. Asian eyelid surgery simply creates that crease.

The procedure was first documented in Japan in the 19th century. Of course, the methods used at the time were less than advanced. Over the years, the procedure has evolved. Asian eyelid surgery is now a fast, safe, and effective means to creating a more balanced and natural look.

The innovations in the procedure have led to its being an incredibly intricate process. In its early days, a simple crease was created on the eyelid. The results were too often inconsistent. Today, a detailed and nuanced knowledge of many factors enter into the process.

Your skin tone, your personal cosmetic goals, and the anatomy of your eyelids will all determine the best way to proceed. Dr. Haas will study your individual appearance, listen to your needs, and work out a course of action with you. When the procedure is complete, you’ll have a more defined crease, creating a more beautiful and radiant gaze while maintaining your personal and cultural identity.

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