Top 5 reasons why people get cosmetic eyelid surgery and blepharoplasty by Dr. Brian Haas


The say your eyes are the windows to your soul. But what happens when your eyes don’t truly represent the way you feel? When the windows to your soul tell a story that’s better left untold?

For all their wonder, our eyes are often the best markers of our age and our struggles. When we’re tired, frustrated, or simply growing older, our eyes relay that information to the world.

For many people, cosmetic eyelid surgery, known also as blepharoplasty, is simply a chance for the eyes to tell a different story.

Here are the most common reasons patients in Orlando, FL come to Boutique Eye Orlando and see Dr. Haas:

1. You Look Tired

The most common reason for cosmetic eyelid surgery, including in our own office, is fatigue. As you age, your eyelids begin to droop, making you look tired, even when you’re energetic.

If you feel like your eyes always look like you just rolled out of bed, you’re not alone.

2. Your vision is limited

When your eyelids droop, it’s not just your appearance that’s affected. Often, you’ll lose the peripheral vision that comes with more youthful eyes.

That decrease in your field of vision can affect many areas of your life, but the most common complaint is difficulty driving and reading. Restoring the youth in your eyes can restore the joy in those activities.

3. You’ve lost your eyelid crease

A side effect of drooping eyelids is losing the natural crease in your eyelid. When the excess tissue and fat in your eyelid begin to pull down on your eyelid, that crease can easily disappear, creating an aged look.

Many who lose their crease have difficulty putting on makeup, and when makeup is applied, it smudges quite easily. It may be so severe that no one can see your eyelashes, hiding behind the excess skin of the eyelid.

4. You have allergies

Puffy eyes are synonymous with allergies for good reason. In those of us reaching middle age, chronic allergies are a leading cause of puffy eyelids, and can also create dark circles under the eyes, making you look persistently tired.

A simple cosmetic procedure can restore the energetic glow of the eyes in allergy sufferers as effectively as it does for those of us who are simply aging a little more quickly than we’d like.

5. You want a fresh start

If you’re searching for reasons to consider cosmetic eyelid surgery, search no more. Many of our most satisfied clients walk out of our doors after walking in for no other reason than that they wanted to do something nice for themselves.

Maybe you’re recently divorced and you have a fresh new social life ahead of you. Maybe you’re beginning a new career (this is the most common reason we hear from men). Or maybe you just want the person in the mirror to more closely match how you feel. Whatever the reason, cosmetic eyelid surgery can provide a huge confidence boost and put a new spring in your step.


We’ve gone over the five most common reasons for cosmetic eyelid surgery, but the list is by no means exhaustive. Those who want to restore their youthful glow come from all walks of life, and walk through our doors for reasons as unique as they are.

Whatever your motivation, we’ll make sure that when the rest of you is smiling, your eyes are smiling, too. Visit our cosmetic eyelid surgery page to learn more.


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