Dr. Brian D. Haas’ Pioneering Work in Eyebrow Procedures Means Better Results for You


Brow lifts are among the most beneficial cosmetic procedures available and produces striking results, especially when combined with Blepharoplasty surgery Orlando.

Dr. Brian Haas has improved the procedure, performing a minimally invasive technique that produces better results and dramatically shorter recovery times.

Do I need a brow lift?

As we age, we produce less collagen, the protein that acts as the main structural component in our tissues. As we lose that protein, our skin starts to sag, especially in the brow areas around the eyes.

That’s a shame, because our eyes express so much of how we feel. Many develop “angry” lines between the brows, some notice an asymmetry in their facial structure, and some of us always look very tired thanks to drooping eyelids and brows. If you feel that you look excessively tired or angry, you may be a candidate for a brow lift.


What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a procedure tailored to your needs. It usually may be done under local anesthesia or with some intravenous sedation. Afterwards, a small incision is made and the skin is gently lifted. The eyelids may be tucked.

The results can be dramatic. Your eyes will be more expressive and more noticed. We want you to make a great first impression!


Dr. Brian D. Haas’s Unique Experience (and what it means for you)

Dr. Haas has many years of experience in the field of brow lifts, and helped pioneer a new minimally invasive technique that makes the procedure simpler, safer, and more effective.

By utilizing a method that uses the crease of the eyelid as the entry point, there won’t be any additional scars, only a brighter impression!

Usually only a single stitch is required, and recovery is fast and easy.

In our field, advancements are made all the time, and we’re proud to say that Dr. Haas played an important role establishing internal cosmetic eyebrow surgery. And our patients reap the benefits of all those years of pioneering work. He has even lectured in South America on his technique.

To learn more about eyebrow procedures, or to find out if you’re a candidate, visit our brow lift procedure page.


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