Boutique Eye Care and Eyewear FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions for our Eye care services.

What types of eye exams does Dr. Haas do?
Dr. Haas does all general ophthalmology exams specializing in oculoplastics and cataract surgeries. He treats all general medical eye diseases, prescribes new eyeglass prescriptions, does cosmetic and functional plastic surgery as well as premium cataract surgery.
What is a comprehensive eye exam and what does refraction mean?
A comprehensive eye exam is a thorough evaluation of your eyes including dilation and refraction. Dr. Haas will evaluate the inside and outside of your eyes to make sure everything is healthy. The dilation is required so that the doctor can look inside your eye to make sure there are no problems. This is not painful but will cause light sensitivity. Most patients are okay to drive after with sunglasses. A refraction is the measurement for your eyeglass prescription. Most medical insurances do not cover this part and there is an additional fee. If you have vision insurance, the refraction may be covered.
What is a plastics consult?
Plastic consults are required evaluations for all plastic surgery procedures and lid evaluations. Dr. Haas specialises in cosmetic and functional eyelid problems and a consult will allow him to fully assess if surgery or Botox is needed.
Do you prescribe contact lenses?
Dr. Haas does not fit contact lenses. However, Dr. Leidigh, OD is our contact lens specialist who can fit you for contacts at a separate fitting. Dr. Leidigh is extremely experienced with all types of contact lens fittings including rigid gas permeable contacts.
Are you accepting new patients and how long does it take to be seen?
Yes, Dr. Haas is accepting new patients and in most cases you can be seen very quickly. We often can fit you in within a couple of days. Emergencies will always be seen quickly. Call our office to schedule your appointment.