Introducing a Breakthrough Technology in the Correction of Cataracts and Astigmatism

Before and after advanced cataract surgery

TRULIGN™ lenses are the latest breakthrough in Toric lens technology. Where most Toric lenses correct only one aspect of a patient’s range of vision (near or far, for example), TRULIGN™ is an accommodating lens that actually flexes with the eye’s natural movements, correcting vision at multiple distances. If Toric lenses are the evolution of cataracts and astigmatism care, TRULIGN™ is revolution. And Dr. Brian Haas successfully implanted the first TRULIGN™ IOL earlier this year, becoming the very first in the Orlando area to do so.


What are Toric lenses?

Toric IOLs are a relatively new, premium quality lens designed from a biocompatible material to correct both astigmatism and cataracts.

Cataracts—far and away the most common cause of vision loss, affecting more than 22 million Americans over age 40—cloud the eye’s natural lens. During cataract surgery, the damaged lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial lens. The result is very much like using the windshield wiper fluid in your car: vision is clearer, but still distorted due to astigmatism.

Astigmatism is defect which causes the vision to be blurred because the cornea is not curved properly, resulting in the inability of the eye to properly focus on an object. Toric lenses can correct even severe astigmatism.

Because Toric IOLs can correct vision problems from both cataracts and astigmatism, they provide a complete solution that leaves you with clearer vision and a greater range of vision.

Before Toric IOLs

In the past, patients with astigmatism required small incisions, called Limbal Relaxing Incisions, around the cornea. Toric IOLs often produce better results without those extra incisions.

Before Toric IOLs were available, patients who received lens implants needed corneal refractive surgery. Otherwise, contact lenses or glasses would still be required.

The TRULIGN™ difference

Toric lenses provide excellent optical quality, but TRULIGN™ goes a step further: by utilizing a revolutionary new material, the lens actually flexes and moves with your eye as it moves. The result is a drastically enhanced range of vision. In other words, TRULIGN™ is not only a Toric lens, but an accommodating Toric lens.

Astigmatism leaves you unable to see objects in the distance or right in front of you, and if left unchecked, the cornea can take on an irregular shape, causing blurred or distorted vision. TRULIGN™ lenses correct this imbalance. Imagine a nearly perfect view of the world- often without the inconvenience of contacts or glasses.

Experience Matters

Toric IOLs have been available for about a year- they’re very much a new technology.

Because of the newness of this breakthrough, it’s crucial that you trust your eyes to a cataract surgeon with the vital experience necessary to provide the best results in the safest manner.

Eye Doctor Haas was the first advanced cataract surgeon to provide patients with TRULIGN™ IOLs in the city of Orlando. Brian D. Haas, M.D. has become a leading expert on TRULIGN, and has lectured his fellow surgeons at seminars in Jacksonville, FL, and Charleston, SC, on this breakthrough in modern vision technology.

TRULIGN™ IOLs provide a broader range of vision, superior clarity and contrast, and minimized glare. Whether you’re driving at night, reading, or just taking in the sights, your world will be brighter and more vivid.

Toric IOLs are the only solution available that corrects vision problems due to both cataracts and astigmatism, and TRULIGN™ are the most advanced Toric IOLs available. If you suffer from either condition, relief is just a phone call away 407-841-1490. Call us to find out how easy it is to see more of the world, more clearly with an evaluation from Dr. Haas.


Dr. Haas as has served on the teaching faculties of Bethesda Naval Hospital and the USF Medical School in Tampa. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at UCF Medical School in Orlando. From 1999 to 2009 Dr Haas served 5 consecutive terms as the department chairman of ophthalmology at Orlando Health. In 2012 he was selected by US News and World Report magazine as one of the top ophthalmologists in the country.


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