April 9, 2015

I have cataracts. When should I consider cataracts surgery?

By now, dear readers, you’ve participated in many conversations with us about cataracts. We’ve talked about the latest lenses, the role of lasers, questions to ask your eye surgeon, and whether […]
March 27, 2015

Allergy Season is Here. Be Prepared.

It’s that time of year again- your eyes are red and watery, you’re congested, and the itching is terrible. Orlando, Florida isn’t exactly known for taking it easy […]
January 18, 2015

The New CATALYS® Precision Cataract Laser System becomes available in Orlando

The phrase “state-of-the-art” gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it mean? More importantly, what does it mean for you? In the case […]
September 11, 2014

Introducing a Breakthrough Technology in the Correction of Cataracts and Astigmatism

TRULIGN™ lenses are the latest breakthrough in Toric lens technology. Where most Toric lenses correct only one aspect of a patient’s range of vision (near or […]