One-stitch ptosis surgery (blepharoplasty) means relief for droopy eyelids


If you suffer from a drooping eyelid, known as ptosis, you now how frustrating it can be. It restricts your field of vision and makes you look more tired than you feel.

It can also cause fatigue and headaches by making the muscles in your brow and forehead work harder to keep your eyelid up.

The fix is generally a quick outpatient procedure that leaves patients feeling and looking for more refreshed.

Now, there’s an even faster, less invasive way to deal with ptosis, and Orlando’s own Dr. Brian Haas developed the technique.

Introducing 1-stitch ptosis surgery

Typical ptosis surgery (also known as droopy eyelid surgery) tightens and strengthens the muscle that’s become overstressed, raising the eyelid and restoring its natural function. It’s done with a small incision in the eyelid, a quick procedure that leaves no visible scarring and causes little or no pain.

But as non-invasive as the typical ptosis treatment is, a 1-stitch approach simplifies it even further.

While serving as the Head of Oculoplastics at the National Naval Medical Center, Dr. Haas pioneered one-stich ptosis surgery. Now, the ptosis sufferers in the Orlando area can benefit from his experience.

With Dr. Haas’s technique, the incision is much smaller, which means that only a single stitch is needed. A smaller incision means less bruising and a speedier recovery.

Most importantly, the revolutionary one-stitch ptosis treatment means NO downtime. Get in, get out, and get on with your life.

If you’re suffering, call us.

Over the years, Dr. Haas has perfected his one-stitch droopy eyelid treatment, giving sufferers relief from evening fatigue and headaches, restoring a full field of vision, and creating a more refreshed look while restoring the eye to its natural and full ability. If you’re suffering from droopy eyelids in the Orlando, FL area, call us 407-841-1490. We’d love to help.


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